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This is a special type of puzzle box, because each box has a different puzzle inside.

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mazepuzzlebox closes for orders…

but I’m leaving the site up so you can still design and build your own puzzle box. After 3 years I’ve decided to stop taking orders – so thanks to all those who’ve bought one, I hope you enjoy your

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dxf output fixed

ezdxf is great for producing dxf files with python

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converting from DXF to SVG

I’ve just posted a new article about better DXF output. There seems little support for programmatically generating DXFs that work across lots of CAD programs. The python module I’m using with mazepuzzlebox exports OK to QCAD, but the generated bits

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New instructions for building your own puzzle box.

Instructions updated with lots of new photos! http://www.instructables.com/id/maze-puzzle-box/.

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New maze puzzle box video!

Check the new maze puzzle box video here! The new site design will be going live in a few weeks.

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New logos and graphics for puzzle boxes

New designs for puzzle boxes by Gavin Wilshen.

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Enhanced style puzzle box

I love it when I get to the stage of a project where I can finesse it! The maze puzzle box is now in its 15th iteration after a year's progressive design improvements.

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mazepuzzlebox.co.uk is live!

http://mazepuzzlebox.co.uk makes it easy to create your own maze puzzle box!

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maze puzzle box

I’ve been working on a new project over the last 5 months, but keeping it quiet so I can surprise people with it… Well I’ve now posted an instructable so the cat’s out of the bag! Head over to the

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